Cost of divorce in Indiana

The average cost of divorce in Indiana is varied according to the special items, types of the divorce proceedings, etc. About 46% of marriages in Indiana state end in the divorce process today. It is one of the most intense life events, not only emotionally, but also financially.

The method of divorce is related to the law, and therefore to lawyers. Thus, a break in relations can cost a round sum to both spouses. According to the study based on some legal organizations, a typical divorce in Indiana State will cost you approximately $15,500. Most of the money you have to pay for lawyers since their average hourly rate is $350 per hour.

Divorce costs are rising rapidly and can increase depending on the circumstances. As a rule, contentious divorces requiring a trial are more expensive than parting by mutual consent. Divorce costs also rise when you have children, the number of children also matters. The sum is also influenced by regional essentials and the total cost of living in a particular state. Researchers have determined the value of divorce in each state. Other things being equal, the average price of a divorce ranges from $ 8,400 to $ 17,500. They did not conduct in-depth studies about the relationship between the number of divorces and their value.

Nevertheless, in the states with the most expensive divorces, the rate of disintegration of marriages is much lower.

More than 10% of Americans were forced to survive the divorce process.

On average, the divorce process takes about a year. Depending on the state policy, this figure can alter in a relatively wide range. For example, in Alaska, you can divorce in just a month, and in Arkansas, divorce is often delayed by a year and a half or even more. The most common reasons for initiating a divorce procedure are:

  • Domestic abuse;
  • Regular quarrels and lack of understanding in the house;
  • Insufficient level of material wealth of the family.

Please note that alimony in the United States, depending on the state, must be paid before the child reaches the age of 18 or 21. In the regions most often established various formulas for calculating the amount of alimony.

How to get a divorce in Indiana?

The average cost of filing for divorce in Indiana plays the most significant role, however, the pretty first step to get the final decree is to apply to the appropriate court in Indiana with a petition for divorce. At the same time, the application must indicate compelling reasons that should be the basis for the dissolution of the marriage. In the case of compliance with all necessary procedural and procedural rules, the second party is notified of the commencement of the divorce proceedings and receives a call to court.

If within the prescribed time limit, (in most states, it is 30 days), the respondent does not provide an answer, then “by default” it means full acceptance of the terms of the divorce.

However, in such a situation, the second party still retains the right to file a counterclaim, which allows divorce on favorable grounds.

After this activity, the negotiation process between the spouses begins, aimed at agreeing on the mutually beneficial conditions of divorce (the division of property, establishing a procedure for communicating with children, etc.). At this stage, it is essential to ensure the peaceful resolution of the dispute. It significantly saves time and money associated with the costs of legal fees, the services of an American family lawyer, etc.

It is noteworthy that the judge may refuse to divorce, even in the case of the consent of both spouses. The reason for this decision may be the lack of sufficient grounds for divorce. Also, the refusal is possible if neither spouse is a resident of the state in which the court is located.

Legal status of a foreigner upon divorce

A person who marries a citizen of the United States of America receives a so-called “conditional green card,” which provides for the right of permanent residence in the United States. In 21 months, married spouses may file a joint petition to replace the temporary Green Card with a permanent one. In the case of a positive response to the petition, the alien receives the right to reside in the United States of America without any restrictions. In case of a divorce after receiving a permanent “green card,” the legal status of a foreign spouse, as a rule, does not change.

The situation becomes much more complicated in the case of dissolution before the expiration of the above mentioned period. In this case, according to the decision of the immigration authorities, the alien may be deported. It is necessary to file a petition and prove at least one independently to avoid these consequences, and preferably several such circumstances as:

  • The sincere intentions of marriage;
  • The severity of the burden of expelling you from the USA;
  • The presence of spouse abuse.
  • It is imperative that these facts be recorded in a divorce decree.

We add that the dissolution of a marriage before the expiration of three years after receiving a permanent “green card” deprives a foreigner of the privilege of accelerated naturalization.

Other tips you need to know about divorces in the state of Indiana

Indiana can safely be called one of the toughest states in the divorce proceedings.

If you want to get a divorce in Indiana, you need to present evidence of the mistakes of your soulmate. It can be:

  • Family betrayals;
  • Abuse and domestic violence;
  • Facts confirming that the spouse did not live with the family all the year round;
  • Imprisonment of one of the spouses for more than three years.

Moreover, the presence of one or even all of these errors is not a guarantee of divorce. After talking with the plaintiff, the New York judge issues a one-year separation order. However, we emphasize once again that this decision is made only if the seriousness of the errors discussed above is recognized.

Without legal assistance from a qualified specialist, your case in Indiana can drag on for long months or even years. Moreover, the presence of an experienced family lawyer specializing in divorces allows us to assess the situation objectively and, at the stage of going to court, to understand the possible advantages and disadv

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